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Is this some commercial for payed software? Here is some pretty good free software, which was already available when you wrote this article. Better do some more research next time :? I found a lot and I mean a LOT o crappy some fake media servers out there, and many are for the windows platform. It works and is easy to install.

The nice extra over Medialink is embedded transcoding. Some Apple video podcasts I could not watch are now watchable on my bigscreen. There is a funny folder you need to browse to, but it works. When starting the ps3mediaserver as a different user on the same machine, it will silently die. When this folder was created with a different user, the app will fail. With some quirks and bugs, but for free. Spent several hours with it and never got it to work with my PS3.

Very little documentation or hints on what to configure. Typical linux style.

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PS3 Media server, although buggy, is the best. I paid more Medialink and it is terribly slow. PMS instead can stream even p videos via ethernet, obviously. Apart from network settings there is no need to configure it unless you know what ypu are doing. My EyeTV has been collecting dust for the past 6 months or so. Watching movies on the iPhone is already solved, there are a lot of cool tools handbrake, xffmpeg to convert video and iTunes does a great job of putting them on my iPhone.

I got excited about Mediatomb and worked all night to try and get things up and working. PS — I also tried TVMobili and found it easy to install but very limited in functionality with very unclear start and stop. I have some testign to do yet on movie formats.

How To Connect PS3 to Mac - PS3 Media Server

Unless your unfortunate to have bought a Mac with Lion. Then you will have to download as you say. A real PITA. Bring back Steve. I had terrible experiences with Fink, too. I advise people to stay away from Fink. If you want to use Linux stuff, install a Linux OS.

MediaLink for Mac - Download

Fink, or MacPorts, is handy for getting opensource onto your Mac. Still too much fiddling and commandline stuff. Actually that was a good thing, because I discovered PixelMator and that is a dream to work with at a very affordable price. And yes. MediaLink working truly out of the box — iMac on Hard to come by but this guy has a few things to say. The horror stories […]. I installed media link but could not get it to work.

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  • Could i have a firewall problem? Are there ports that need to be opened? Does it go hand in hand with medialink? Seems I am the only one struggling with MediaLink. Got the software, installed it, found it not working reliably. Sometimes, the PS does not find the server, sometimes it does and I can browse the content of my mac but cant play any: Network Error Checked on the net, they advise to adjust to NAT2 which I did. Did a software update for PS, did not help.

    Rest of the network settings are on automatic. Any ideas? I also read somewhere that MediaLink would allow copying files to the PS by drag and drop. That right? My PS3 sometimes takes a while to find the media server, be patient. My setup is a mac mini old power pc model connected through Mbit ethernet to the PS3 cables above wifi anytime. This is adding another device to the chain. I'm interested to know if anyone has experimented with this.

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