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My gateway is pfsense on These are This has been my setup for months, all my machines work fine, always resolving websites and local services. The only issue I have noticed is this wifi calling DNS request made by android. While monitoring it with wireshark all over DNS queries were made to I downloaded a nslookup tool for Android and when requesting the same host through that the packet was correct and went to the correct DNS server with the correct mac address. When I said I'm not saying you're incorrect but earlier, I wasn't disputing the MACs only working locally, just the duplicate ips.

I honestly think that this is a bug in Androids implementation of Wifi calling, because my girlfriend iPhone has always consistently worked with my local DNS servers with EE Wifi Calling. It's only been my android phone that's had any issues. It seems there's a bug where this one call gets the ip of the DNS server and the mac of the gateway server mixed up and uses the wrong combination.

I think this one call is special because it's a core built in service. I'm really happy to be wrong and to find a solution though.

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But that's my thinking at the moment. Here is my ARP cache in pfsense. Anyone think I've misunderstood or am wrong?

MAC addresses really have nothing to do with your problem unless, as has been said, you have an IP address conflict. Just forget about MAC addresses. It really sounds like you need to realize a DNS strategy, get it working, then make sure all your devices are configured to use it. Derelict :. Yes, the iPhone has The only reason I bring up mac addresses is because the broken DNS packet as seen via wireshark has the wrong mac address so the DNS server isn't recieving the packet i'm right in the assumption that no matter what the ip address is, NIC will ignore packets sent to it with a different mac address aren't I?

In your sniff there was NO answer to your queries..

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No shit if your dns does not answer you can not look up stuff.. In the Onlythatdnsrequestbeingignored. The workingdns image shows a packet being sent to The brokendns image shows the only packet thats broken. The only difference is the MAC address which is my gateway not the dns server. Clearly if your windows dns server is at df then no shit another box that is not running dns is not going to answer.

You most likely have something that has the same IP No, the windows box is at 6C:0B Thats the mac of the integrated Intel NIC on the motherboard. That what is the microsoft mac device?? The I just tried for testing purposes, I don't want to keep it like this switching on the DNS Forwarder on the pfsense box to But obviously this isn't ideal, I don't get why it's querying the windows dns server with the pfsense mac address.

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So clearly your machine doing the query to But that is not what pfsense shows. Now your saying pfsense is a VM, that uses the same hardware nic as your physical machine nic. So you have a problem in your virtual setup. Look on your sniffs for when your machine arps for For some reason it is getting the wrong mac for this..

So you need to figure out why.. You do not have any sort of static arps setup on device doing the queries. Dude if your never seeing arp come back with that mac.. Yes — Apple. YesA — Apple, Inc. YesD1 — Texas Instruments Inc. YesE3 — Texas Instruments. Wired modem or voice gatewayUnknown Voice Gateway. Yes — Clipcomm, Inc.

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