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You have to. His shit sounded gangster but he was often joking; he was a funny, ironic dude. It was humor and he would take real-life situations and turn them into jokes. He had this genius about translating and interpreting what he saw. And if you listen to that record, every line is put together perfectly.

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The verses align perfectly. And even though L was mad funny, he was sharp. L didn't drink, smoke, none of that shit. His mind was always sharp. Big L With Mase, Herb Mcguff, Took Da Boss September Of 95 bigl classic andlenox hiphop harlem nyc boombap eminem biggie jayz tupac goat halloffame ditc harlemsfinest 90s oldschool rare legend eastcoast rapgod nfl vintage hiphopculture dangerzone rip throwback music mvp.

It ended up being the only song we got done.

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They were never gonna put that project out. They were scared of him. He was on that freestyle where he spanked Jay-Z, remember? That back-and-forth was an extension of previous rhyme battles in Harlem]. I dare anybody to tell me different. Finesse: Of course, I think they jacked L. Funk Flex: Man, I remember this now!

The guys from Bad Boy were in there every week and noticed that record gaining momentum. That sample was cranking in the clubs and it was such a big deal that L had it first. It was definitely a jack—Big L was performing with Biggie at a number of shows by this point. But Biggie took it, flipped it…and bodied it.

He wanted to rock, he wanted to go mainstream, he wanted to sell records. I wasn't doing that shit. DJ Premier: I had this girlfriend visiting from Japan and we were actually having sex at the time. Cell phones had just started to appear but we all still had pagers. But when he heard it was me on the phone, he picked up.

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He said Showbiz actually rolled by and saw his body still lying there. It broke me up; it broke my heart.

Black Thought: “I Essentially Invented Mumble Rap”

Nobody expected that. It derailed the collective, put a black cloud over us. He was on his way to greatness. People tend to forget that the streets and the music business crisscross. And sometimes you get caught up. Some people are lucky enough to get past it. Showbiz: We were all just numb. That was the last thing we expected. No one could have dreamed that L would be killed. Like, I went to see the body right after he got killed, I seen him there on the ground. The thing about it is this: you never meet someone with that type of creative source.

L was in a class by himself. It was just crazy. Lord Sear: We need to talk about Big L more—not just on his birthday or the day he died. We need to hear his catalog more. We need to do a Harlem thing, with him leading the way: Harlem rap and what it meant to the culture. Everybody wanted to come to Harlem. Harlem was that shit. DJ Eclipse: We were seeing L stand out as the go-to guy from the crew and you felt that presence. We all felt like he was on the verge: the guy who could balance what was going on in the streets, in the underground scene, and in the major label market.

His album went gold before he was cold! Half a million records is not underground. That sums it up. Flamboyant 4 LIFE. Harlem's Finest. A post shared by djpremier on Feb 15, at am PST. With a smile and a wink, Pops will instruct you to heed the angel on your shoulder but leave a little room for what the devil has to say too.

The comedian, writer, and part-time model exuded Black cool without trying. In those moments, he managed to inspire many of the comedians shining on the stage and on the screen.

Basically, if it was Black and funny, you had to have Witherspoon and his specialized brand of comedy come through and make a sitcom writing staff look like geniuses. If they give you one line, make it the one line everybody remembers. But Pops tripled up on it. Legend is a word overused when we talk about our greats who have moved on to that leisure suit in the sky, but Spoon gifted us with over five generations of comedy.

His relevance was staked in his ability to reinvent. Thank you dcimprov and johnnywitherspoon for a weekend of sold out shows!!!

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A post shared by www. So many Black men in Detroit, Chicago, Philly, and many other cities across the country avoided a fatal outcome because Pops told us to use the only two weapons God gave us.

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Always working. Always there for us. Inside of every Black man exists a mix of a conscious-outthink-your-enemy like Huey and a chest-out-in-ignorance Riley-like character that are dually at odds. You win some, you lose some, but you live to fight another day. Legacy is not appreciated as much as it should be in Black entertainment. We like to differentiate between generations and downplay anyone not doing as better as yesterday's icons. But John Witherspoon was a direct plug between Pryor and the many young up-and-coming comedians he was gracious enough to let open for him.

Comedian Lil Rel had plans to showcase some of that legacy soon with Witherspoon in mind. My condolences pour out to his wife of 31 years Angela, and sons Alexander and John David. We just say thank you for sharing him with us.