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You'll have access to the basic photo editing tools like brightness, contrast, vignette, highlights, shadows, and much more, including filter presets. But the real magic with Darkroom is the curves and color adjustment, which is intuitive and easy enough for anyone to use and understand. And those who have devices with Portrait Mode, there are tools for adjusting depth as well.

It's free to download and use Darkroom. However, there are some premium filters and tools that you will need to unlock through in-app purchase, but these are completely optional. If you don't need them, then Darkroom is still fully functional without costing you a dime.

ProCam 6 is a professional camera replacement and photo editor all in one, making it great if you want just one app for the job. With ProCam 6, you're able to shoot directly in RAW format, and it supports regular photo, night mode, burst, slow shutter, Portrait mode, 3D photos dual lens device required , video, and time lapse. You'll get the highest quality possible with ProCam 6, and there are manual controls if you need as well. The photo editing is non-destructive, so everything is reversible if you change your mind.

The editing tools include 60 filters, 17 lenses, 19 comprehensive adjustment tools, and all of the basics. ProCam 6 is a paid app, but it does have even more features that you can unlock through in-app purchases. They're optional, like some filter packs and ultra 4K HD video resolution, but available if you need them. Once you have your image, you can develop them in the RAW Lab to get the exact results you want. Other editing tools include the basics like scenes, cropping, brightness, contrast, saturation, blur, exposure, and more. The app itself has a simple and intuitive design that is easy enough for everyone to use and understand, and the results are stunning, even for the free version.

If you need more of the amazing and professional filters from VSCO, there are several other packs that you can download from their store. You'll get access to the complete preset library over filters , and you can recreate vintage film looks by Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, and more. These are some of the best apps that we've found for both shooting in and editing RAW photos right on your iPhone or iPad.

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What are you using for RAW images? Share your favorites with us in the comments below! We may earn a commission for purchases using our links.

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Learn more. ID: Irident Developer 2. Lacking, however, micro contrast tools though the developer is committed to providing them in the future. Mac only.

PN: Picturecode Photo Ninja 1. Highly regarded by its users. Highly user unfriendly and lacking most of the features of other RAW converters, this software claims to produce the highest quality demosaicing with a view to capturing the full dynamic range of the data in the RAW files. After doing this it is off to Photoshop to do many of the tasks that the other RAW converters incorporate. End of discussion. The source material is going to come from a selection of cameras and lenses that I own or have owned, to give a range of image qualities:.

Currently my main camera. Yep, guilty as charged. We will see from the outset that in assessing the relative capabilities of the RAW converters there is little point in assessing their performance on perfectly exposed images all taken at base ISO. They can all do a pretty competent job with such files. Instead we will generally be feeding them with files that are problematic for one reason or another.

The images have been shot over the last six years.


I am interested in how useful these RAW converters are to me for what I do; your mileage may very well vary for what you like to shoot. RAW converters these days cover a vast range of features and some features that might be absolutely vital to some photographers, like extremely accurate colour to product photographers, or tethered shooting to fashion photographers, are not so vital to landscape photographers. Some just do fairly basic raw conversions; some are fully fledged image editors; some have a plugin architecture; some are Digital Assessment Managers DAMs ; some have unique and specialist tools; some have local adjustment tools … the list goes on.

Defaults — What does the RAW converter produce by default when you first open an image? Detail — How much detail can the RAW converter resolve in the landscape? Highlight Recovery — How much detail can be recovered in the highlights?

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  8. High Dynamic Range — How well can highlight and shadow recovery be balanced in an image with problems at both ends of the histogram? How well can haloing be controlled? How good does the resulting image look? Additional Features — Does the RAW converter have any unique or special features of particular value to landscape photography? To begin with, then, the first thing to look at in our RAW converters comparison are default conversions. Wow, what an excellent article. This is the best RAW comparison that I have ever read.

    Extremely detailed and well explained. Thanks for your hard work!

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    Very detailed and through presentation. I to have used Lightroom since it was in the beta stages and it is now the raw processor of choice. For me there at least a half dozen other choices that can match or surpass Lightroom in this respect. What keep me with Lightroom is the ease of use and the wide range of tools available. Very interesting and comprehensive review. Camera codecs are usually provided by camera manufacturers and software developers.

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    Now the problem is how to install the right codecs. In this method, we are going to introduce how to download and install Windows Camera Codec Pack and codecs by manufacturers. Freeware for viewing RAW files will be recommended in the next method. You need to restart your system in order for the codec pack to work. Once the system is rebooted, you will notice the icons of RAW files are changed to thumbnails. In this case, we can install specific camera codecs from digital camera manufacturers.

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    We will take the latter option as an example to show how to install Nikon NEF codec. Once the process is completed, you should be able to open the specific RAW file with Windows Photos app. This would be a perfect result if it works, but you can also keep reading another method below, especially when you are not using a Windows computer.

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    It would be better to be freeware, of course. Here we are going to recommend several free RAW file viewers.