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Harb would have none of this brand of brinksmanship back in Canada. This is pure politicking. Whatever the environmental ethics of the seal trade, it is active prohibition by governments that has delivered the knockout blow to the industry. His solution?

Sea Shepherd UK - The Seal Slaughter is Cruel According to Canadian Sealers

Anthony Speca. You Might Also Like. Her bill , S, to create a holiday to celebrate the seal 'hunt ' and seal skins passed in the Parliament and receive royal assent. Read what Canada's MP's had to say and find out how they voted on S Or read excerpts from their speeches. The only outspoken seal hunt opponent in Parliament thus far was Sen.

Mac Harb , who retired in According to a poll sponsored by the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans and another by the Seals and Sealing Network , most Canadians support the seal hunt. The first question does not mention the seal hunt, and the second question includes conditions that do not exist in the real seal hunt.

On the other hand, the IFAW poll asked several questions, including:.

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We find that all these polls are asking leading questions, but the DFO and Seals and Sealing Network polls asked respondents if they agreed with statements about the seal hunt that are not true. Canadians may accept a theoretical seal hunt in which seals do not suffer, but they clearly do not accept killing seals in the way in which it is actually done. For many years, in the 's and into the 21st century, the DFO spread propaganda all over the Maritimes, blaming the harp seals for the collapse of the cod fishery.

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  • The hunt Canada loves: Why seal clubbing will never die.

Why scapegoat the seals? Because admitting that the real reason for the collapse of the cod fishery, overfishing during the second half of the 20th century, would be admitting abject failure on the part of the agency tasked with the management of the fisheries: the DFO.

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Instead of accepting blame, the DFO decided that the seals would make a convenient scapegoat as well as a source of income to replace some of the income lost when the cod fishery closed. Instead of claiming that the seals caused the collapse of the cod fishery, they began to claim that the seals were preventing the cod population from rebounding after the commercial fishery was shut down. Still, this claim was refuted by the DFO's own scientists, so finally, in , the DFO began asserting that the seals did not cause the collapse of the cod fishery or prevent it from rebounding though some government officials have continued to claim that the seals are affecting the recovery of the cod.

Unfortunately, the DFO has been much less diligent in correcting prior false propaganda than it was in spreading the propaganda in the first place. Consequently, most people in the sealing provinces still believe the old lies.

Senate to debate bill to end commercial seal hunt

Read more about the seal-cod relationship here. One Canadian politician has stood out as a champion of the seals: Senator Mac Harb. In , Sen. Harb witnessed the slaughter with IFAW observers. He said, "Continuing to defend the commercial seal hunt is not the answer. It is time to provide mechanisms to transition the few thousand individuals in sealing out of this declining industry and into jobs with more promising futures.

I have an obligation to the majority of Canadians who oppose the hunt to be a witness to this waste of tax-dollars and a vocal advocate for its swift conclusion," he added. Notify me of new comments via email.

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  6. Notify me of new posts via email. Sign me up! Liberal Sen. Mac Harb said he believes at least one senator will stand up with him on Wednesday and support the idea of debating an end to the commercial seal hunt.

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