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Christmas Caroling from TheState on Vimeo. Sunday, December 30, Hot Mix 70 to The only year they missed completely was , which is better than a lot of other people can say. Their first record is one of our favorite albums of the past decade, and we always assumed they were a one-off project. So it became a total surprise when this immediately turned into possibly our favorite full-length of Could this be our official time signature of the year?

Gimme tension fuck yes.

The Strokes, Sleater-Kinney, Run The Jewels And More: Primavera 2015 In 26 Stunning Shots

Grunt Like a Pig by Pile The kids disagreed, and this only reached 87, but what the fuck do they know anyway? Soundcloud Youtube Soundcloud Youtube Hype Machine Youtube Hype Machine We give much mad props to Action Bronson for completely not giving a fuck, straight-up candy-gobbling and blunt-puffing in his videos. Dre, made all the more amazing after realizing it's the first time Dre has produced anything with a lone-keyboard-note whistle since the days of Tupac.

It sadly only lasts for one verse, but it's necessary to help the story. And this also gets removed for the video version. How about "fucking hilarious? The first line of the song is "Let me see them tittayys. Overall, we found the three bonus tracks far more satisfying than the album itself. Maybe he should stick closer to ATL-soul and steer clear of fusions with modern indie-rock, a style which sounds best separated from hiphop. The kids need Outkast. They really do. Dinosaur Jr.

Soundcloud Youtube Hype Machine Continue to Page 5 Hot Mix on Spotify - 91 90 - 81 80 - 71 70 - 61 60 - 51 50 - 41 40 - 31 30 - 21 20 - 11 10 - 1. Labels: beak , dinosaur jr , frank ocean , hot mix , mac demarco , outkast , pile.

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Friday, December 28, Hot Mix 80 to For those who have been following along so far, you may have notice that we've decided to only embed songs that are on Bandcamp, because they're the only streaming audio website that loads very quickly, as opposed to Soundcloud or Youtube. Exciting stuff. Time for page Who knew? Apparently a lot of people knew right away , but we're not as cool as them.

We think the original "Baby" is still the definitive version, despite Ariel Pink's soulful vox-job.

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The singing is really what makes this one special. Which makes sense. The build in the bridge section does sound pretty great on the radio. And "white girls politickin' that's that Sarah Palin.

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More than half of Watch The Throne is better than this song. Clearly we won't be doing it any justice by discussing it here. Yeah, we don't get it. Youtube And yes, we could easily hear this fitting perfectly on the soundtrack to Nowhere or Ka-Boom , or a lost Grand Royal inch. And the Roy Orbison reference reminds us of Gummo. The world needs more enormous drum samples. It sounds like all the stuff that happens after "one too many.

Myspace It's something like one-third non-album-tracks maybe more , which is a lot. City , but they were unable to clear the cartoon samples, and had no interest in changing the song after it was finished. It's perfect as it is - enough that we're able to ignore our bias against "conscious hiphop" - so good call Kendrick! He played two verses of a then-unfinished now very famous song that may seem effortless to casual listeners but includes no shortage of texture and detail.

We also like the super-dreamy jangle guitars framing the vocal melody, and the nostalgic instrumental coda. Soundcloud Hype Machine It doesn't end there. Cool transitions today. Well we looked it up on Wikipedia, and it turns out that nothing significant at all happened on Although that might not be the case for Action Bronson.

Perhaps it was the day he recorded this song?

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It's possible he doesn't remember himself, since he appears to be baked out of his mind, fucking up the lyrics 4 or 5 times. But they left it in anyway, because fuck it. Who needs perfectionism these days? Grittier than Madvilliany. No joke. We scoff in Joe's face. The production suggests far more than this, and the girl singer sounds closer to Belinda from My Bloody Valentine than Kim Gordon. And more importantly, these songs are killer.

Broken Water are our new Olympia heroes. Tempest is solid as fuck. Don't sleep on this one! Soundcloud Youtube Continue to Page 4 Hot Mix on Spotify - 91 90 - 81 80 - 71 70 - 61 60 - 51 50 - 41 40 - 31 30 - 21 20 - 11 10 - 1. Labels: , ariel pink , broken water , hot mix , kanye west , noise. Thursday, December 27, Hot Mix 90 to Seriously, why are we doing this right now This is hell.

Review: Mac DeMarco at Birmingham Institute

Firstly, it becomes more of an adventure for the listener, and more of a revelation when locating those brand-new instant-classics. Second and more importantly, GBV are so drunk that they might misjudge and exclude a great song or two. Smash mountains to bits. Hype Machine Does this possibility make any sense at all? No it doesn't. Ignore everything we just said. Summer singalongs. Less is more. We have no idea what Takis are, but apparently they taste rull good. Ain't I Look Pretty to you? Labels: , frank ocean , gbv , hot mix , nicki minaj.

Hot Mix to OCD wins again. The Hot Mix had to get done. Since Soundcloud changed their embed code, "Hot Mix " and "'s Greatest Hits" now look a lot uglier than they did a year ago. So instead, we might only post URL's, which is probably better because it won't tremendously slow down anyone's computer.

Do you love Spotify as much as we do? They fall in love and fuck for years. Soundcloud We kinda wish more indie-rock bands would do this. BasedGod also released an outstanding rare "classical" album last Spring. Outside of political context, its blistering rawness caught our attention. Better than we expected. Also remarkable, it completely rules despite being one of those songs that feels like it took 42 seconds to write.

MySpace Two minutes later they all disappear. We possibly lied about the mental institution part. Youtube Hype Machine Continue to Page 2 Hot Mix on Spotify - 91 90 - 81 80 - 71 70 - 61 60 - 51 50 - 41 40 - 31 30 - 21 20 - 11 10 - 1. Labels: , gbv , hot mix , jay-z , lil b , noise , pinback , silversun. Tuesday, December 25, Xmas tips.

Lay off the jerktonium. Try out these classic xmas vids Labels: christmas , taste my kids. Ten Nice Songs from Reissues. A decent year for reissues Nothing on par with Back To Mono or the Nuggets boxes, but decent. Lofi 4-track versions of many of their familiar songs were included.